Real Work-At-Home Job Posting

Real Work-At-Home Job Posting

Working_MomOkay, so for most of my career, I have managed to work at home– including now, where I have an above average salary, complete with full benefits. So, I always get asked how do I find these jobs?  The answer is quite simple, when you think about it.

I’m a firm believer that, most of the time, you really only find what you’re looking for. Therefore, I only look for opportunities that fit my single-mother lifestyle.  And I make sure that I choose skill sets that support working from home.  After all, there are certain skills that lend themselves to work-from-home opportunities and some that don’t.  A public relations writer, for instance, can work from home, whereas a nurse usually can’t.

Therefore, I only look for opportunities that fit my single-mother lifestyle

Recently, I have been offered some really great positions, both in responsibilities and pay, but I have had to turn them down because the hours weren’t conducive to me being a hands-on mother.  Even now, when my 16-year-old son is a senior in high school and as I’m quickly approaching the empty nester lifestyle, I still choose to work from home.  I love the flexibility of working from home. It allows me to hold down my household responsibilities and provide for my son at the same time. Plus, whenever there’s a school function, I have the flexibility of attending without too much conflict or hassle. Same thing for doctor’s appointments and what nots. For me, working at home is the best option for single mothers.

And, I want you to enjoy the experience of providing for you and your children from the comfort of home, too.

So, periodically, I will be posting real work-from-home opportunities. Here are the first ones:

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Best Side Hustles to Start…Well, sort of.

Best Side Hustles to Start…Well, sort of.

So, I read this old but good article on US News & World Report about the best small businesses to start. As I’m reading the list, I’m thinking, these are great businesses–BUT they would make even better side hustles, especially for us side-hustling single mamas, right?

Anyhow, if you’re not up to reading the whole article, here’s the list of the small business that were suggested by US≀ however, my suggestion is to take the information and start getting your side hustle on.  And see, that’s the beauty of the side hustle.  You can get an idea from anywhere and adapt it to fit your single mother lifestyle.

As you take a look at the list, think about how you can adapt the ones you’re interested to become a profit-pulling side hustle.  Remember, anything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself. Just think, what starts today as a side hustle could be tomorrow’s multi-million dollar business, started by you!

Without further ado, here are MY recommendations from the list (each business listed links to a page that describes the small business…uh…I mean side hustle in detail). Next to each business, I have put a book that could help you get a start in your new side hustle:

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Side Hustle Challenge: Name Your Dream Side Hustle!

Side Hustle Challenge: Name Your Dream Side Hustle!

My side hustle posts continue to be popular–so, I’ve decided to put the power of the side hustle in your hands.

Name your dream hustle by posting a comment on this blog, and I will research and write about it, providing you useful information and links to help you achieve single mom success with a side hustle.

Ready for the challenge? Well, whatcha waiting for? Name your no single mama dream side hustle today!

Keep it real and drama free:

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Single Mama Drama – Roxanne’s Revenge

Update 10/19/09: The Roxanne Shante Lied About Ph.D.>>Read Full Story Here>>

This has got to be one of the best single mom revenge stories that I have heard in a long time.

Remember the 14-year-old rapper, “Roxanne Shante,” famous for her battle rap, “Roxanne’s Revenge” answering to UTFO’s “Roxanne, Roxanne.”

Watch the video below to jog your memory:

UTFO feat. Full Force:

The Real Roxanne’s answer rap:

Here’s “Roxanne Shante’s” answer:

“This is a story that needs to be told,” Shante said. “I’m an example that you can be a teenage mom, come from the projects, and be raised by a single parent, and you can still come out of it a doctor.” Roxanne Shante

Read more:

Well, not only did she get her revenge on UTFO, the former rapper, who was also a young single mother, got revenge on her label, Warner Brother’s Records for not honoring their committment to pay for her education in full.   In the end, Warner Brother’s paid for her education (she earned a Ph.D) at a total cost of $217,o0o!  Now, that’s single mama revenge at its finest.

Read the full blog post here at PostBourgie.

Here’s the original article from the New York Daily News.

Kandi: Real Housewives of ATL – Fiance has 6 kids & 4 Baby’s Mamas

Kandi: Real Housewives of ATL – Fiance has 6 kids & 4 Baby’s Mamas–Say What?

real-housewives-of-ATLSo,  I’m  sitting  here watching  The Real Housewives of Atlanta–yeah, I know, I know.

And, I can’t believe what just came flying out of Kandi’s (former Xscape group member) mom’s mouth: Kandi’s finance, A.J., has four baby’s mamas.  Yeah, I’m  late and, yes, you did read that correctly–but that’s not it.  He also has six kids and has a reputation around the ATL for being  a deadbeat dad.  Say what?

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