Relationship Drama: 5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

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Relationship Drama: 5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex?

Got dumped? Can’t get over it? You’re not alone.  Rejection never feels good, but, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining: If the relationship wasn’t healthy or going anywhere, then chances are the breakup is a blessing in disguise–even if the breakup wasn’t your idea.  Even though you didn’t want the breakup, you may know, underneath the pain of rejection, that breaking up is the best thing for the both of you. Either way, here are some effective tips for getting over the relationship fast:

#1) The Relationship is Over–Accept It and Move On.
Initially, you may be angry, hurt and disappointed that the relationship wasn’t successful.  Your feelings are normal and expected. Therefore, experience those feelings authentically: cry, shout and pout, if you have to–but only for a little while. You are entitled.

What Not To Do:
Don’t play desperate and start begging your ex to get back together.  If someone says they don’t love you anymore; they need more space; or, they aren’t ready for a committed relationship, believe them. Don’t be desperate Dorine, calling his house 50 billion times, blowing him up with text messages, and “conveniently” showing up and his favorite spots. Desperate (and drama) is so not the new sexy. As bad as you may feel, these post-breakup feelings are temporary. Accept the breakup and move on with your life.

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