Single Mom Carla Hughes Convicted of Killing Pregnant Rival

Single Mom Carla Hughes Convicted of Killing Pregnant Rival

Carla Hughes, a 28-year-old single mother of a six-year-old boy and highly educated school teacher, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for brutally killing her boyfriend’s (Keyon Pittman) pregnant fiance, Avis Banks.

Avis Banks – Victim

Avis Banks - Murder VictimAvis Banks, a quiet woman, had her life cut short for doing nothing but falling in love with a womanizer. The guy, Keyon Pittman, has since moved on with his life, including getting married. Now, ain’t that something?

Carla Hughes – Murderer

Carla Hughes - Sentenced to Life in PrisonThis is proof positive that smart women do dumb stuff behind stupid men and in the name of love!

Like the victim’s father said, “Keyon Pittman doesn’t keep women around for long. Had Hughes waited six months, she would have gotten her turn.”

Avis Banks’ remarkable family hugs killers parents after sentencing.
The Man in the Middle of This Murderess Triangle, Keyon Pittmam, Describes Affair as a Sexual Adventure
From CNN:
October 14, 2009
Posted: 06:45 PM ET

CANTON, Mississippi–The same panel of jurors that convicted a former middle-school teacher of two counts of capital murder spared her life Wednesday.

Carla Hughes, 28, who prosecutors say fatally shot, stabbed, and slashed a pregnant Avis Banks in November 2006, could have received a death sentence. Now, she will spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The jurors deliberated less than one hour before reaching their unanimous decision. Hughes was sentenced immediately after jurors were dismissed. She will serve the life sentences concurrently.

Watch the video here.

You can see complete coverage of the case Thursday on In Session.

–Nancy Leung, In Session field producer


11 thoughts on “Single Mom Carla Hughes Convicted of Killing Pregnant Rival

  1. This story is a real tragedy. I’ve been following it since the trial aired on TruTv. I wanted Carla to not be guilty, but the evidence is pretty overwhelming. Still, I’m sure that Keyon had a role in all of this and I wish he was sitting in prison right now, too.

    She has a long road of appeals ahead of her, which she probably won’t win. All I can say is that our sisters have got to stop being so desperate for a man! There are plenty of fish in the sea.

  2. No, it isn’t another example of a smart women doing something dumb behind a stupid man. It’s a murderer acting on her own for violent and selfish reasons. It’s too bad that she only got life; she should be on death row with all the men who are actually held accountable for their actions. I’m for equality, true equality.

    • No! She should not be on death row, spending the rest of your life in prison thinking about what you did, having to live with that everyday is far more of torture than a quick death.

  3. Carla does NOT FIT THE PROFILE. Look elsewhere people. Think. The gun, the knife or shoes does not PUT Carla at the scene. PERIOD. Police, jurors, judges, prosecutors and attorneys have become GOD. They are TOO DAMNN LAZY or just dont care enough to spend the time to FIGURE OUT WHO really set this up and who pulled the trigger. I don’t know who did, but i know CARLA DOES NOT FIT THE PROFILE FOR TH EPERSON AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. PERIOD!!!!!!

    • Glad you don’t think that murderous witch murdered Avis!!! The jury got it right. Carla didn’t think her cousin was gonna find out that she was dating Keyon!!! She also didn’t think he was gonna tell his dad and give the gun to police. That wicked az z woman murdered Avis and her baby!!!! For a man that didn’t even want her. He told her numerous times that he would never leave Avis. That should have made her cut all ties w him. Last of all, why didn’t she take the stand to defend her innocence????? There’s no way in he’ll I would not have fought to take the stand to defend my innocence!!!!!However, Carla new that prosecutor would have eaten her az z alive.. Carla aS smart enough to know that. To this day, 9 years later I’ve not heard Carla say “I am innocent” not once and we all know why !!!!!! She just what she deserved and some!!!!!!

  4. i know im late replying but carla got the knife and the gun from her cousin, then returned it to him 2 days after the murder. then her shoe print matched the print that kicked in the window. it was her own family that called the police on her. she’s guilty and where she belongs.

  5. If he has moved on so fast my guess is that he plan to frame her from the start! Did they investigate all the women in his life at the time? Does the new wife have money? Sounds like it was a 4 way affair not a 3 way affair. I would be checking to see how many wives he has! I think he realized his gigolo life would be caught soon which would lead to the discovery of more fiancee’s or wives. Has the new wife been warned? This reminds me of that Goldie Hawn movie “Deceived” were her character is married to a guy who just makes up a pass life from all the women he marries & kills but always has a pregnant wife waiting in the wings. In other words guys like this can be dangerous & be psychopaths.

  6. Bottom line,,,,,she was thirsty and played herself. If you really, really review the case. She lied, deceived and harmed an innocent woman. Independent of Kenyon’s copability she is wrong and has to pay for her decisions. I feel bad for her but worse for Avis’ family. She made choices that took her life and liberties. Avis didn’t get the opportunity to make any choices.

  7. yeah , it is a shame that she just threw her life away like that , the thing is i’ve seen keyon pittman, what is so special about him that would make her (yeah ya’ll know she did it) ! take 2 innocent lives ! she made her choice & she deserves what she get’s !

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