What Women Can Learn from Murderess Carla Hughes About Relationships

What Women Can Learn from Murderess Carla Hughes About Relationships

In a recent post, 5 Signs Your Man is a Fool Called Crazy, I wrote about how women–and that includes all women to some degree or another–have had a fool, been a fool and accepted foolishness at some point in our lives.

And Carla Hughes is proof positive of that.

Carla Hughes’ out-of-control love (or lust) for a man ruined the lives of innocent victims and her own. And, as you can see, no man, especially a philandering womanizer (or low-down dirty dawg in my estimation) is worth taking a life and losing your own to life-long prison sentence.  And look at Keyon Pittman now: he’s cuddled up with his new wife, while she’s off to prison, where she can’t be a mother to her son for the rest of her life.

But, like I said before, all foolishness–and this qualifies as top-notch foolishness–has a purpose. This one can teach women about what having relationships with attached/married men will get them:

(1) Don’t get involved with an attached or married man period!Carla Hughes knew that Keyon Pittman was engaged to and living with his fiance and that they were expecting a child, so she should have fully expected to be treated like the jump off (the chick on the side, primarily used for sex) she was. Unfortunately, some men, like Keyon Pittman, didn’t expect to get the nookie from a girl called crazy, Carla Hughes, and didn’t expect the jump off  to be as crazy as she was. Unfortunately, some jump offs are crazy enough to kill innocent pregnant woman, like Avis Banks and her unborn child.

Why Messing with an Attached or Married Man is Wrong:
Getting involved with an attached or married man says a lot about the woman, just like it does the man. Any woman willing to be less than a man’s first and only priority is telling that man and the world that she is willing to accept anything because she doesn’t love or respect herself.  Grow a self-esteem already and get your own man, puhleese.

Carla Hughes basically gave Keyon Pittman a pass to treat her anyway he wanted because she let him by becoming his jump off.  Once you do that, a man loses total and complete respect for you, and he will never be the man you want and need him to be, so stop trying.  If you’re stupid enough to be a man’s jump off then play your position–and expect whatever karma has in store for you, even if its prison for life. Is any man really worth all that?

Recommended Reading:
Women Who Kill
– Ann Jones ($10.85)

(2) If You Get Caught Up Behind a Man–Don’t Continue the Stupidity and Let Him Get Away With It
I’m not sure what Keyon Pittman’s involvement in the crime was–only he, Carla Hughes and God knows for sure. But, if he had anything to do with Avis Banks’ murder–before, during or after the fact–he needs to go down, too. Carla made a legal strategy faux pas. Instead of accepting responsibility for her actions and including Keyon Pittman in planning and murder of the crime (if this is the case), she tried to point the finger just at him–and it backfired in major way. Now, he’s out living his life and she’s going down for the whole thing by herself.

Why Taking Stupidity to the Next Level is Insane!
If you’re dumb enough to get caught up in any type of drama behind a man (and I hope you’re not), don’t take the stupidity to the next level by being the scape goat, while he’s Scott free! You better sing like a bird. If that man had any involvement in the drama, you better take him down with you. Period!

There are too many instances where women have done dumb and even sick things, like allow the man to have sex with their children, to hold on to a man. If you find yourself doing dumb stuff like that, seek help. That’s definitely not normal and it’s definitely not love. When a real man loves you,  he will never ask you to do anything to compromise your self-respect or your relationship with your children, your family or him. Period!

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Why Do They Kill? Men Who Kill Their Intimate Partners

David Adams ($18.86)

(3) Don’t Compromise Your Morals for Your Man!
Carla Hughes was described as a spiritual, God-fearing woman, but wasn’t she the same woman who knowingly slept with a soon-to-be married and soon-to-be father man? And, from how they both described the relationship–it went sexual almost instantly.

When You Compromise Your Morals and Beliefs, You Lose Yourself
Now I don’t know how committed Carla Hughes was to her faith, so this is not a judgment; instead, I’m simply using it as an example.  What I do know is that Carla Hughes did do is go against her own moral beliefs and values. The Bible teaches us not to envy another person or his/her things, and not to commit adultery or murder and so does the law. When you put your morals and beliefs on the back burner for another person, you are not living your authentic self, which causes you to lose who you are. When you lose who you are, you will do things that are out of character for you. Plus, if a man truly loves and appreciates you, he will not only accept you for who you are, he will come along for the journey.

Recommended Reading:
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned:
True Stories of Women Who Kill
– Wensley Clarkson


(1) What do you think about Carla Hughes? Do you see her as a victim, too?

(2) Do you think she was manipulated into murder by the man she loved?

(3) Have you ever lost your mind behind a man and in the name of love?

12 thoughts on “What Women Can Learn from Murderess Carla Hughes About Relationships

  1. My heart goes out to the banks family first, because they lost such a peaceful person, all she wanted was a peaceful life, work and home. I feel so sorry for carla hughes son, he lost big time, and he is a special needs child. I think about my son who is 3 years old, and i can not bear to be away from him a minute less known a lifetime. So yes he lost big time. Thank God Carla has some loving parents, also her daddy Carla daddy’s begging brought me to tears, that was so real, Carla should go ahead and tell, on Keyon and stop being so in lust or love or whatever she call it, she did it, thank God she got caught, because who would have been nexT?

    • You are so right! There are no winners in this love triangle–only losers!

      That’s what I think is so sad. Carla did what felt good in the moment, without thinking about the consequences. From sleeping with an attached man to killing his pregnant fiance–she acted completely out of emotion and, in the end, damaged more than a few lives, including her own.

      No man is worth taking a life and/or losing your own to life-long prison term. Not a single one.

  2. I agree no man is ever worth your freedom or self respect. I personally feel she should of gotten the death penalty, her act was so vicious and cold blooded that it’s hard for me to see this nice, church going person. The only person I feel sorry for on Carla Hughes side is her son. He will be the one who gets hit the hardest from her actions. Carla Hughes is a very disturbed person to harm another person and their unborn child. Carla Hughes committed such a selfish act and she will have alot of time to reflect on what she did to so many people. I hope Keyon Pittman learned from this tragedy, he was dead wrong for his infidelity and because of it he lost a fiance and a child.

    • I agree with you about her son. I read that her son actually wasn’t living with her and actually lived with her parents, since he is a special needs child, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that he wasn’t living with her, because it would be much, much harder on him. Still, every child deserves their parent, unless that parent is not good for the child.

      Yes, Carla is selfish. I think that’s what happens when you spoil a child. From how they described her, she was used to getting everything she wanted, whether it was from her parents and family or through her ambition. So, when she realized she couldn’t get Keyon Pittman, the way she had gotten every things else – very easily, she couldn’t handle that and snapped. There are a lot of people out there that are used to getting their way and when they can’t have their way, they lose it. And, when they take it to these extremes, it shows itself as what it is crazy!

  3. I just saw this story today. Was unaware of this out of control triangle. So what’s next for this woman. I read her appeal was denied but out side help was still working with her. My question is why is she taking all the heat unless she totally acted alone on this. I do agree that when some people are use to getting what they want and see a roadblock, that they act on different levels of rage and lust to achieve ther goal. Was is all worth it. She could have easily found almost any man that would have fulfilled her needs. I didn’t realize she had a son. That will be hardest to overcome.

  4. I watched this story twice just to make sure I got it right.. just because he was a playa doesn’tmean he wanted his fiance and unborn child killed. I think he would have still married her and continued being unfaithful…..she did it….just couldn’t handle her role anymore…THE SIDE CHICK . .and snapped!!

  5. Amy Whinehouse :
    CARLA DID NOT KILL ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES< she did. She is an absolute snake-in-the-grass, and she is lucky to be female, because a male were certainly be sentenced to die for this crime.

    • I agree that she didn’t do it. They have no proof she was there. There are many innocent people in prison because man’s system is flawed. I don’t believe she would bring bloody shoes back to the house. She was framed, but the system convicted her so you convict her. Carla is a focused person she wouldn’t do that. I don’t believe people just snap there are usually signs of mental instability. That’s not her… Once again she was framed.

      Yes I do agree she happened upon a very bad character. I’m sure he has made himself plenty of enemies with the games I am certain he is still playing. She took the fall while the true killer goes free. Bloody shoes? Where are her bloody clothes? Where is the trace in her car? Any trace in her home? That was a bloody crime. Could she really kick that door in with two kicks? They only had two foot prints on the door. Why trained dogs didn’t pick up her scent. Reasonable doubt.
      Wake up people!!!

  6. I am not questioning her guilt or innocence the jury has already made that decision. What is still a shock for me after all these years is Mr. Pittman’s testimony. He absolutely had no love, respect, honor, or Manliness when he testified. His words were harsh and so unkind. I am praying for all parties in this case.

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