New Credit Card Rules: No Teens Allowed!

New Credit Card Rules: No Teens Allowed!

If your child is in college or will be off to college soon, one of thing you might be concerned about is how easy it is for them to get credit–and the crazy things they will charge, like a slice of pizza, makeup and music CDs.

Well, your heart has been heard, and the new legislation restricts college students, under the age of 21, from getting a credit card without a co-signer from a:
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No Single Mama Drama on Twitter!

It’s official, Ms. No Single Mama Drama is on Twitter!

Look forward to some inside information on work-at-home jobs, side hustles, money-saving tips, special discounts, and information on my Blog Talk Radio Show, No Single Mama Drama radio and our guests, and much, much more.

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Single Mom Dating: 4 Things to Consider Before He Meets Your Kids

Updated: 06/16/18

Single Mother Dating: 4 Things to Consider Before He Meets Your Kids

Single Mother Dating: 4 Things to Consider Before He Meets Your Kids

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be considering introducing your new him to your children, right? After all, it’s the holiday season, and you want to enjoy the holidays with all your loved ones, including your new man.

But before you get caught up in the holiday feel-good moment, as a single mother, here are four things to consider before introducing your new man to the children this holiday season:

(1) Single Mom Dating: How Well Do You Know Him?

Your children are precious and innocent gifts from God. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are providing a safe, happy and secure home. If you don’t know this gentleman well, do you really think it’s a good idea to expose this man to your most precious gifts?
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Mrs. Rhee

Now that you’ve got your mind right from Part I and Part II, you’re ready to put your plan into action with my top 9 holiday spending tips:

1)   Establish a Realistic Budget and Use the Envelope System:
Take a realistic look at your finances and bills and establish a budget for (1) holiday food and (2) gifts. Allocate amounts for each and place in two separate envelopes, labeled accordingly. Seeing it in writing does two things: (1) it forces you to make a contractual agreement with yourself, which is more difficult to break and (2) it serves as a receipt holder to keep a running total of your spending.

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Mrs. Rhee
(special guest blogger and new co-host of No Single Mama Drama Radio)

In Part 1, I talked about some of the issues that you and your loved ones may be facing—but in order to change your circumstance or situation, you first must change your mind. After all, you cannot expect radical change, if don’t renew your mind and change your behaviors. Once your mindset has changed, the behavior will follow.

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