$20 & Less Christmas Gifts for Teens Ages 13-18

$20 & Less Christmas Gifts for Teens (Ages 13-18):

Mrs. Rhee

Buying for teens can be challenging because they’re into what’s cool, right? Plus, what you think is cool, might not necessarily be cool to a teen, right?

Well, no worries–as always, we’ve got our single mamas covered!  With these great Christmas gifts for $20 dollars or less, there’s sure to be something that your teen will love.

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Single Mom & Accused Murderer Casey Anthony Back in Court

Single Mom & Accused Murderer Casey Anthony Back in Court Today
Ms. No Single Mama Drama

Single Mom Casey Anthony Accused of Killing Her Four-Year-Old Daughter Stands Trial for FraudOrlando, Fla. – Single mom Casey Anthony, accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, is back in court today.

Anthony’s defense team is arguing that the death penalty should be reserved for “the worst of the worst.”

Say what?

Is the killing of an innocent and almost three-year-old child–scratch that–is the killing of your own two-year-old daughter not the “worst of the worst?”

Single Mom Casey Anthony is accused of killing her 4-year-old daughter Caylee AnothonyAlthough, Anthony is innocent until proven guilty, I consider anyone who takes the life of an innocent child, “the worst of the worst”. Period! And, especially if the accused is the person who gave that child life–it’s just inconceivable.

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$25 & Less Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 9-12 (Updated 5/2018)

$25 & Less Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 9-12:


Christmas Gifts for Ages 9-12 for $20 or LessNot sure what to get kids ages 9-12 for Christmas–especially with a budget of $25 or less?

Don’t even think that you can’t possibly find great gifts for under $20 because you know what? You can!

Here are some great Christmas gifts for ages 9-12 for $25 or less:

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$20 & Less Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 3-8:

$20 & Less Gifts for Ages 3-8:

$20 Christmas PresentsIf you’re looking for affordable gifts for kids from ages 3-8, you’re in luck.

Gifts for kids for $20 or Less for Christmas!

We’ve got some great deals to be had–all without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for girls or boy for $20 dollars or less, you will not be disappointed with these gifts.

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Christmas Gifts: The $20 and Under Must-have List

Christmas Gifts: The $20 and Less Must-have List

Mrs. Rhee (special guest blogger

$20 Christmas PresentsChristmas Gifts for $20  & Less – Yes, we can!
I’ve put together a Christmas gift suggestion list for all age groups and everything is under $20.00!

I know you may be thinking “What kind of gift could possibly cost under $20?” but I’m here to tell you the selections are vast.

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