5 Signs that Your Kid’s a Weed Head

5 Signs that Your Kid’s a Weed Head

If your ADHD kid is bouncing of the walls, forget Ritilin–give ’em a joint instead.

At least that’s what some medical marijuana advocates in California are saying.

Yup, you read correctly.

According to articles in the New York Daily News and the New York Times, doctors in California are now recommending medical marijuana for hyperactive kids.

As a native southern Californian, I am often proud of how progressive the state is–but this is definitely not one of those times. Definitely not.

As a person with ADHD and someone who is totally against any type of drug use, it baffles me what they’re doing to ADHD kids.

ADHD kids–or any other kids, for that matter–do not need to be introduced to marijuana (medical or otherwise) or any other drug by their parents or anyone else.

I’m so mad at her:

What do you think about this mother and author’s approach to drugs?

Children, of all ages, are being introduced to marijuana by their peers, do they really need their parents playing pusher, too? Add the fact that its doctor prescribed, you can imagine the conversations in that house.

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Drugs are not allowed in my house. Period!

I don’t drink, smoke or use drugs. I never have and never will. Like any good parent would, I try to lead by example. Does that mean that my child has been and will be drug free? Absolutely not. But, if he chooses to do drugs–and, yes, marijuana is a drug–at least I know that he didn’t “get it from watching me.”

But sometimes leading by example is not enough.

Sometimes peer pressure overrides parental authority and children go through phases of experimentation with drugs. Luckily, for some children it stays in the experimentation stage, but for others it turns in to a full-blown, life-long addiction to stronger and more addictive drugs, like meth, crack and heroine.

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What’s a parent to do?

I say parent and parent well. Don’t be lazy and reactive. Instead, proactively parent your children and get in their business. You should know as much about your child’s life, friends and activities as possible–even if they get embarrased or angry with you.

Until they’re 18, you are responsible for everything they do and, ultimately, what kind of person they turn out to be. Don’t take the responsibility lightly because you’re playing with someone’s life: your child’s.

If you think your child isn’t weed head, you might be right. Then, again, you might not be.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that your child may be a weed head:

  1. If it smells like a weed head, it’s a weed head.
    Marijuana has a distinct and recognizable smell. If your child smells like smoke (marijuana or otherwise), chances are he/she is smoking or has been around someone who is smoking. Weed smokers disguise the smell of weed by blending weed with cigars and flavored papers.
  2. Suddenly Becomes Mr./Ms. Smell Good
    If your child suddenly starts using loads of perfume/cologne, he or she may be trying to cover up the smell of weed on his/her clothing. Weed smokers are also notorious for trying to rid the smell on their breath by chewing gum, using breath mints, and gargling with mouthwash.
  3. Dilated Pupils, Bloodshot Eyes, and Heavy Lids
    This is a dead giveaway. Weed smokers’ pupils are large and their eyes are eyes can be very dark, bloodshot red. To cover this up, they use and carry Visine to clear up the redness.
  4. Personality Changes
    Lethargy and extreme sleepiness are signs that your child might be smoking weed. If your child’s upbeat personality shifts to being overly relaxed, as if he/she is floating, this is another indicator that your child might be smoking weed. Weed heads are notorious for giggling and inappropriate laughter, as well.
  5. Smoking Gear
    Weed heads are known for their smoking gear. From flavored rolling papers to pipes, bongs and lighters, a weed head typically has a variety of drug paraphernalia.
  6. The Munchies
    After a smoke session, weed heads usually have increased appetites, otherwise known as the munchies, which is a craving for snack foods.

None of these signs alone or a few combined can determine whether or not your child is smoking weed. And, while there could be other reasons for the above, let your parental instincts guide you.

If you suspect your child is smoking weed, have a conversation with him/her and,  and make your child take a drug test, if necessary. Drug tests can now be bought at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and online, etc.

THC Marijuana Dip Test (10 tests)

For more information on marijuana and how to get and/or keep your child drug free, visit Above the Influence.

8 thoughts on “5 Signs that Your Kid’s a Weed Head

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. While I agree that there are other drugs – much worse drugs, in fact -that they could get addicted to, I still don’t agree with general marijuanna use. However, I am leaning toward legalization of it for specific uses, like medicinal purposes. I also think that the laws need to applied equally across the board when someone is caught using the drug and not based so much on race. I read somewhere that blacks and Latinos have higher conviction rates and get more time than whites who were caught with more marijuana – not fair, but that’s life. Because of that, I highly recommend black and Latinos stay away from the drug all together to be on the safe side.

      Again, thanks for your comment and many blessings!

  1. Im sorry but I am laughing so hard at this…how old are you? 80? no one uses the term “weed head anymore, even my mom says “pothead” or “stoner”…Also, weed heads do not just go around laughing and giggling, they only laugh when they are high, and that’s depending on the strand of marijuana you use. Also, if you occasionally smoke weed, your personality does NOT change at all..Thats a lie, above the influence makes that up.. I personally know dozens of kids that smoke, some occasionally, some reguarly; and they are all exactly the same..If anything, sometimes they are more lively and laugh more when smoking.
    second, I do not nesacarily agree with giving KIDS medical marijuana for things like ADHD, and they are NOT GOING to either if they make it legal..so get that right. Medical marijuana would be available to ADULTS 18+ with a card, read the prop. Also, the guy above me is right, the ADHD meds are wayyyy worse. Kids I personally know do not even take them because they cause horrible side affects that WEAKEN learning and creativity way more than weed. For people taking marijuana as a medicine, actually a lot do not smoke it, they consume it in another way, which makes it even safer. I am not saying I support marijuana for kids, I actually oppose that. But it is no worse than meds. I do support the legalization for medical purposes though, as if you watch documentaries, you will see people that are not “weed heads(lol)” using it because it helps them. Also, marijuana is responsible for 0 amount of deaths, as alcohol, which is legal, is responsible for many.

    I agree with your opinion on kids using marijuana, but that was not going to be legally allowed anyway..

  2. completely agree with the 2 comments. Whoever wrote this is so biased. It’s natural, God made it. Some people don’t even smoke it, making it completely harmless. We give kids now days so much medicen for adhd and so on. But those are addictive, and on some, you can overdose. No one has ever died from pot. Get your facts right before writing something bashing pot. Oh and it’s pot head, not weed head

  3. Its like you learn my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote
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  4. This is the most ignorant article Ive ever read. A “weed head”, what the hell is that supposed to mean? From what I read it looks like your kids have a great chance at smoking marijuana. If you smother them in the way you suggest they will do whatever they can as teenagers to rebel against their physco mom. You dont need to everything about your child’s social life. Let them grow and learn their own lessons. So what if they smoke a little bud it’s better than them going out and driving drunk . Kids will be kids smoking weed is a normal teenage behavior that they will grow out of.

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