Beauty Side Hustle: Make Extra Cash as a Makeup Artist/Esthetician

Beauty Side Hustle: Make Extra Cash as a Makeup Artist/Esthetician
Ms. No Single Mama Drama
So you wanna be a makeup artist or an esthetician, huh?

Well, if you’re a girly girl or just love playing in makeup and with skin care products and want to break into this fun and lucrative field, this post is for you.

My little sister (pictured on the left) is a makeup artist. When she started, she didn’t really know what she wanted to do.

My younger sister, a celebrity hairstylist, who has worked with people such as Venus and Serena Williams, suggested that she become a makeup artist, so that:

(1) They could work together;
(2) She could tap into her natural ability for makeup application;
(3) She could have a tangible skills that she had a passion for.

Model, featuring both my sisters’ work (hair and makeup):

All turned out well and my little sister has been able to do makeup for magazines, weddings, musicians and is now the lead makeup artist for a movie studio and much, much more.

And, interestingly, because they live on different coasts, she didn’t even use my other sister’s connections–proof positive that anyone can get started as a makeup artist and do well, if he/she is determined to do so.

Now, my little sister not only works for a brand-name cosmetic line, she also makes extra cash with her own side hustle business, where she gets to pick and choose her own clients and how much money she earns!

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(FabJob Guides)

And, the best part is that it didn’t really didn’t take long at all. Most makeup artist school courses are less than six months long.

Recommended Reading:
The Makeup Artist Handbook: Techniques for Film,
Television, Photography, and Theatre

Another plus is that you can work full- or part-time and the hours are extremely flexible–and, if you choose to, you can keep your day job and side hustle as a makeup artist.

Watch this video on how to become a makeup artist:

Still interested? Well, here is a short list of some makeup artist schools:

Makeup Artist Designory (MUD)

Westmore Academy

Tobi Britton’s Makeup Shop

The Studio Makeup Academy

Blanche MacDonald Center for Applied Design

Joe Blasco Makeup Schools

Empire Academy of Makeup

Cinema Makeup School

And, guess what? There is even room for a secondary side hustle: You could start your very own makeup line, too. Just think of the possibilities.

With a little inspiration, encouragement, determination and, most of all, belief in self, you, too, can have a successful side hustle as a makeup artist.

So go forth and create your new destiny as a makeup artist or esthetician. After all, the world is waiting!

Got questions, comments or suggestions? Post them here.

Ms. No Single Mama Drama
As always, keep it real and drama free.

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