Get Over Your Baby’s Daddy Cheated Already

Get Over Your Baby’s Daddy Cheated Already

So, your baby’s father did the unthinkable–he totally betrayed your trust by cheating on you. You’re angry, hurt, and disappointed and all becaucouple-holding-handsse your baby’s daddy turned out to be a lowdown dirty dog, right?

Well, that may be true, but what good is it doing you and your children?

When we are hurt, it is easy to focus on the negative, but that does nothing but continue the cycle of negativity. And, like the Laws of Attraction say, “You attract what you think most about”. So if you’re constantly wallowing in negativity, guess what? You’re going to attract more negativity.

You see, you–and only you–have the power to change your thoughts, circumstances and, ultimately, your life by doing one thing: Deciding You Want to Change Your Mindset.

Yuppers. It really is that easy. And, yes, you do have that power–but only if you decide to own it.

So, are you going to continue to waste valuable time and energy on the your cheating baby’s daddy; or, are you going use that energy to make a better life for you and your children?

It’s up to you, but I hope for your sake and that of your children, you focus on the positive from this day forward.

Remember, life is only as hard as we choose to make it. Make yours that much easier by choosing positivity, whenever possible.

Peace, joy and many blessings to you.

2 thoughts on “Get Over Your Baby’s Daddy Cheated Already

  1. Thnk you for this quick reads on getting over the baby daddy, I’m currently going through this in my life I’m 28 yrs old and we have a 4 yr old son together. I made the decision to end the relationship because I feel he was not putting in the same amount of time into our family as I did , he was caught up in this new lifestyle and instagram he did a total 360 on me well on us. And while the break up is still very fresh I told him that I didn’t love him anymore in hopes that he would fight to save “us” but he told me he was ok with that. Part of me still loves him and part me feel we outgrew each other due to his new lifestyle he’s into flashy cars and putting up this front on these social sites yet when he comes home I always greet him and treat him like a man but he does not do so in return when it comes to me or ending thu relationship I feel is the best it’s just so hard when you invest some much quality time into a person and they just act brand new because they are now popular it really does hurt now I have to explain to my four yr old that we can no longer live with daddy and everythime I tell him this he yells at me and say no mommy I want to go back to daddy…it breaks my heart really bad because it doesn’t affect me it’s my son that hurts deep from this, I always vowed never to repeat history and breakup my home and now I’m heading down the same path it hurts really bad and I don’t have anyone to really talk to I’m surrounded by defensive women in my family and they will only bash men I never grew up with my mother or dad I was adopted and I promised myself I’d never break my family up and now look at where I’m at? It hurts so bad but I needed to vent so thanks for this website and stories on getting out of a relationship

    • So for the late response – the blog was on hiatus. I’m back now. I hope you and your children’s father have been able to co-parent. Let me know if you need advice on a specific topic, and I’m more than happy to assist. Blessings.

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