Five Side Hustles You Can Start Today:

Five Side Hustles You Can Start Today:
Updated 06/16/18 – new videos

Side-hustle-entrepreneur-side-hustle-ideas-how-to-make-extra-cashFirst, let me define what a side hustle is and what it isn’t, as far as I’m concerned, and how I use it on THIS BLOG:

The term side hustle comes from the African-American community, and it was used to describe side work for extra money that was entrepreneurial in nature.

So, a part-time job is not considered a side hustle. With that said, when I use the term “side hustle” on this blog, it’s with the original meaning in mind: a way of making extra money outside of your regular job that is entrepreneurial in nature.

Side Hustle: Ikea Furniture Builder:

Are you good at putting together furniture from Ikea or anywhere else for that matter? If you can quickly build furniture, why not turn that into a side hustle?

There are a lot of people who don’t have the time or patience to build it themselves but will gladly pay you to do it for them. The key here is to provide affordable services (below the prices that the store would charge, but enough for you to make a profit for your time).

Side Hustle: Personal Chef

If you love to cook, have a knack for creating interesting recipes with unusual spices and ingredients, you can become a personal chef. Or, maybe you have a way of making healthy food taste delish, this is another option for a personal chef.
Book: The Professional Personal Chef: The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef (Book only)
Example Personal Chef Website:
Personal Chef Association’s Website:
YouTube Video:

Side HustleHome-based Bookkeeping Services:

Are you good at numbers? Accounting? Have experience as a bookkeeper or an AP/AR clerk? Why not turn that into a side hustle? You can specialize in a specific industry, say, restaurants or doctors offices and charge more money. Add Quick Books consulting and you add even more money to your new-found side hustle. Get certified in Bookkeeping and charge a premium rate.
Need an idea of how to get started, check this book out? How to Open Your Own In-home Bookkeeping Service.

American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers:
If you don’t already have the skills, but want to learn bookkeeping, Penn Foster College has a six-month Bookkeeping certificate.  Already know the basics? Gain additional skills in Accounting with Penn Foster’s Accounting Essentials Certificate. I’m taking this course for work. Penn Foster is a great college for single moms because its programs are distance/online learning and the payment plans are extremely affordable. No student loans to take out.

YouTube: Bookkeeping Career video:

Personal Shopper

Is everyone always asking you were you get your clothes? Are you a trendsetter? Why not start personal shopper side hustle? You can specialize in buying gifts for the wives of busy executives or specialize in jewelry or high-end brands. Whatever your interests and your passion is, use that to make extra money as a personal shopper. People with little free time or who lack the creativity to find one-of-a-kind gifts, will gladly use  your services.Book: FabJobGuide to Becoming a Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper Association:
Personal Shopper Website Example:
YouTube Personal Shopper Video:


Got a nice camera? Love photography? Well, you could be making some extra cash as a photographer. You can specialize in food, kids, even cars. You can have a traditional photography service by taking pictures of your clients; or, you can start a more non-traditional photography business, where you take stock photos and lease rights to your photographs to websites, like
Book: Start Your Own Photography Business 2/E (StartUp Series)
Blog Post: 15 Places to sell your photographs
YouTube – How to Start a Low Overhead Photography Business:

What do you need to start a side hustle today?

A mini-marketing strategy
Who are you going to target?
What product or services will you market to them?
How will you spread the word about your business?

Business Cards
You don’t need professionally designed business cards on Day 1, but you do need them. If you have a printer, try these business cards. Or you can try FREE Vista Print for business cards, but you will have to wait 7-10 days for you to receive them. Carry your business cards every where you go because you never know when a business opportunity will appear.
A Website or Blog:
Set up a one-page website to get started today. You can always add pages later. But make sure you have a the pertinent information on your site or blog, like the core product/service offerings and contact information. You can get a free blog at, and a free website on

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