Five Side Hustles You can Start Today:

Five Side Hustles You can Start Today:

moneyFirst, let me define what a side hustle is and what it isn’t, as far as I’m concerned, and how I use it on THIS BLOG:

The term side hustle comes from the African-American community, and it was used to describe side work for extra money that was entrepreneurial in nature. So, a part-time job is not considered a side hustle. Somehow, over the years, the word “side hustle” been watered down–but I digress. With that said, when I use the term “side hustle” on this blog, it’s with the original meaning in mind: a way of making extra money outside of your regular job that is entrepreneurial in nature.

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Side Hustle - Dog Sitting - Make Extra Money

Side Hustle: Make Extra Money With a Work-From-Home Dog-Sitting Service

Side Hustle: Make Extra Money With a Work-From-Home Dog Sitting Service

Love dogs? Need extra money? Wanna work from home? Well, why not work combine all three by providing dog-sitting services from the comfort of your home? Whether you want to work a few hours a week, here and there; a regular part-time schedule; or, even full-time, check out With you can register to become a pet sitter in your city.

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Christmas Gifts: The $20 and Under Must-have List

Christmas Gifts: The $20 and Less Must-have List

Mrs. Rhee (special guest blogger

$20 Christmas PresentsChristmas Gifts for $20  & Less – Yes, we can!
I’ve put together a Christmas gift suggestion list for all age groups and everything is under $20.00!

I know you may be thinking “What kind of gift could possibly cost under $20?” but I’m here to tell you the selections are vast.

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Single Moms: FICO Reveals Dirty Credit Score Tactics

Single Moms: FICO Reveals Dirty Credit Score Tactics

If you’re a single mom, who has been working hard to maintain a good credit rating or have been trying to raise your credit score, take a look at some of FICO’s (Fair Isaac Corporation) recently revealed dirty tactics.

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Fathers Who Kill to Avoid Child Support Payments

Fathers Who Kill to Avoid Child Support Payments

Los Angeles, California
Ms. No Single Mama Drama

Los Angeles, California–Cameron Brown–who had no interest in his child whatsoever–is accused of throwing his four-year-old daughter off a cliff  at Inspiration Point to avoid paying $1000.00 a month in court-ordered child support.

Brown, 47, is being charged with the murder of his four-year-old daughter, Lauren Sarane Key, along with the special circumstances of lying in wait and murder for financial gain.

Two trials have resulted in juries deadlocking as to the charge–1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder or manslaughter– resulting a mistrial. No one voted not guilty.

Brown, who denied the charge of murder, saying it was an accident, is in custody.  Read the full story>> and Cameron Brown Trial Blog>>

Dad Kills Son, Throws Him in Bag and Claims Kidnapping
New Orleans, Louisiana – Danny Platt, 22, claims to have been under a lot of pressure when he was $4,000 behind in child support payments. So, to relieve himself from the overwhelming “pressure”, he decided to kill his two-year-old son, Ja’ Shawn Platt during a visit.

To cover up his crime, he called up his exwife and told her that three men, armed with AK-47s, had kidnapped their son and abruptly hung up the phone. Platt eventually confessed, saying that he was either going to kill his wife or his son. Read the full story here>>

Is it really that serious? To the point where you have to kill your kids to avoid paying child support?