$20 & Less Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 9-12

$20 & Less Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 9-12:


Christmas Gifts for Ages 9-12 for $20 or LessNot sure what to get kids ages 9-12 for Christmas–especially with a budget of $20 or less?

Don’t even think that you can’t possibly find great gifts for under $20 because you know what? You can!

Here are some great Christmas gifts for ages 9-12 for $20 or less:

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Christmas Gifts: The $20 and Under Must-have List

Christmas Gifts: The $20 and Less Must-have List

Mrs. Rhee (special guest blogger

$20 Christmas PresentsChristmas Gifts for $20  & Less – Yes, we can!
I’ve put together a Christmas gift suggestion list for all age groups and everything is under $20.00!

I know you may be thinking “What kind of gift could possibly cost under $20?” but I’m here to tell you the selections are vast.

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Dawn Direct Foam

Got dirty dishes? Well, get Dawn Direct Foam?

If you’ve got to wash dishes by hand–and, yes, some of still have to; or, in my case, some of still want to–Dawn Direct Foam is an excellent new product to use.

Though I have a dishwasher, as a self-professed neat freak and germ-a-phobe, I prefer washing my pots and pans by hand, so when I got an offer for a FREE new product to try, I was game.

The specs:
Dawn Direct Dishwashing Foam
400 mL
12.5 Fluid OZ
250 pumps

Get a free coupon here, plus an additional $29.00 in savings.

Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly:

The Good:
It smells fantastic and does an excellent job on cutting grease. Your pots will be squeeky clean with very little effort.

The Bad:
It’s a bit more expensive than a regular dishwashing liquid.

The Ugly: (At least, for me)
Because I’ve got OCD (Obssessive Compulsive Disorder), when it comes to pumping dishwashing liquid–I’m afraid I can resist the pump. Something inside of me–probably the germ-a-phobe–says pump, girl, pump. And, when I do, it is exhilirating. Therefore, the fact that you “don’t need to pump” but once, doesn’t exactly do it for me. However, if you’re not a pumper, I can see this product being a dream come true. Me, I’m use to pumping, so I will probably stick to a cheaper product…simply because I’m a cheap thrills kind of girl.

Peace, Love and Blessings
Ms. No Single Mama Drama