Single Mothers: Need Money for College?

I was going through some paperwork the other day, when I got a revelation: In the last five years and, especially, the last three years, I have come a long, long way financially.

As a single mother, I have had more than my fair share of financial struggles–can I get an Amen?

As I was sorting this paperwork, I found my earnings statement from the social security administration, dating back to my first job in 1986.  Basically, it’s a report of your financial earnings and what you should receive from the SSA at retirement age (don’t even get me started…LOL).

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Anyhow, I noticed that after getting some certifications and B.A. degree, my income increased more than 3 x from what it was for most of my career.  My last increase was over $21K.  Yes, for me, that piece of paper is worth its weight in gold.  And, sometimes, I don’t think it matters what your degree is in, just that you have one.  For instance, I have an English degree, but I work in a technical field, but without that degree and certifications, I don’t think that I would have qualified for my current position.

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