Five Side Hustles You Can Start Today:

Five Side Hustles You Can Start Today:
Updated 06/16/18 – new videos

Side-hustle-entrepreneur-side-hustle-ideas-how-to-make-extra-cashFirst, let me define what a side hustle is and what it isn’t, as far as I’m concerned, and how I use it on THIS BLOG:

The term side hustle comes from the African-American community, and it was used to describe side work for extra money that was entrepreneurial in nature.

So, a part-time job is not considered a side hustle. With that said, when I use the term “side hustle” on this blog, it’s with the original meaning in mind: a way of making extra money outside of your regular job that is entrepreneurial in nature.

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Side Hustles: Five You Can Start Today for $100 or Less

Side Hustles: Five You Can Start Today for $100 or Less

Ms. No Single Mama Drama

As a single mom, money–or lack thereof–is probably top of mind most of the time, right?

Which, of course, was the cause of most of my single mama drama.

Well, you’re not alone. As I’ve stated in my previous side hustle posts, money was a challenge for me, too.

Until I did one thing: I changed the way I think about money.

When I was in constant lack, I always spoke of money in terms of not having.

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And, guess what? I never had any.

I was always saying, jokingly, to myself and to everyone that I didn’t have enough money to even buy my son diapers.

One day, that came true.

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No Single Mama Drama Radio – Date Change

For anyone who missed the show, here’s the archived version of the very first No Single Mama Drama Radio show: Side Hustle of the Week – Finding the Perfect Side Hustle for You! With special guest, Sonja Jones mom and CEO of Beautiful Brown Girl

No Single Mama Drama is a weekly radio show aimed at helping single mothers live drama-free lives. We focus on all aspects of single motherhood and especially those that affect single mothers the most: relationship and financial drama. Includes discussion on my most popular blog series posts, Side Hustle of the Week. Airs weekly on Sunday afternoons from 3 – 4 p.m. E.S.T.

Side Hustle: Professional Organizer

Side Hustle of the Week: Professional Organizer

Got neat-freak tendencies?

ProfessionalOrganizerIf you’re a self-professed neat freak or if your family and friends are always remarking about your organization skills, you could be making some serious extra cash with your in-demand organizational skills as professional organizer.

And, the best thing about it is that you can get started today with no to little investment!

But what exactly do professional organizers do?
Professional organizers help their clients organize their lives. Basically, professional organizers design organization systems for their clients and may also teach organizational skills. This can include everything from work-spaces and closets to garages and home offices.

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Freelance Writing Side Hustle

Freelance Writing Side Hustle
Ms. No Single Mama Drama

Freelance_Writing_Side_HustleSo you wanna do some freelance writing as a side hustle, huh? Well, in these economic times, I don’t blame you. And, guess what? It’s exactly these kinds of economic times that are perfect for the freelance writing side hustle!

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Why a Freelance Writing Side Hustle?

Companies everywhere are downsizing and, as a result, more and more companies are finding that in order to survive these unfortunate times, they have to cut creative staff, like writers.  But their loss is your gain. Now, there are exceptional opportunities for new freelance writers.

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